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AGI is manufacturer ,Herbal Remedy Aromatherapy oil, natural health herbal gel , organic skin care gel , Natural Health Products

Effective Organic Herbal Products Manufacturer

AGI Restorative Herbal Foundation since inception in 1996 is formulating synergistic and quick absorbing pure essential oils combination Sports Fitness, Personal Care , Body Care, Hair Care and Skin Care natural health herbal products.

AGI Herbal Gels are beneficial for Physical Well-Being, Head-set and Smoothness as were traditionally used and followed by sages, warriors and queens in ancient times for strengthening immune power and energizing body condition. GMP is followed to enhance quality control.

AGI Sports Fitness Herbals, Beauty Care Organics & Health Care Big Naturals Gel, alternative health products are mfd. of effective Essential Oil Aromatherapy, Veg oils blend, traditional drugless complementary therapy for safe natural health & beauty.


Balanced BioEnergies

Joint Health, Spine Health, Mind Power, Hair Growth Gels

AGI Herbal Gels are based upon Ayurvedic Principles to balance three bio energies viz. Air, Fire and Water for longevity, be it Weight Management Joint Health , Sport Nutrition Spine Health , Aromatherapy Oil Mind Power , Herbal  Nutrition Hair Growth , Natural  Beauty Skin Tone, Health Spa Bath Body , Organic Skin Care Sun Tan ,  Holistic Health Breathe Easy , Man Health Hair Genesis, Natural Health Personal Hygiene , Alternative Health Massage BodyWork , Active Immunity Nasal Decongestant , Beauty Health Dry Skin , Woman Health Clear Skin  are endorsed by Practitioners of Aromatherapy, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Beauty Experts, Massage, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Personal Trainers - wholesale distributor to department stores, sporting goods store, beauty shops, home stores, etc.


Total Natural Wellness

Organic Health Pure Vegetarian Products Supplier

Balanced diet intake and using appropriate AGI Herbal products externally daily and  or periodically depending upon individuals constitution is necessary as complementary for natural living. Many Military Personnel, Sports Coach, Call Center/Computer/IT Professionals, Agriculturists, Bakers, Ministers, Entertainers and others found AGI Herbal Gels bringing amazing physical and mental benefits, truly authentic products for active lifestyle.


AGI Herbal Gels are being well documented by extensive research and also toxicologically proven to ensure effectiveness and that are neither medicine nor cosmetic- useful for all age unisex groups having no known side effects.

Advantages : * Effective Blend  Of  Extract  Plant  Oils
  * Amazing  Physical  &  Mental  Benefits
  * Regenerates  Inner  Natural  Power
  * Nourishing   and  Pleasingly  Safe 
  * Quick Absorbing


Indian Herbal Products Packing Specs: 

AGI  Essential Oils Blend Herbal Gels are neatly packed in virgin HDPE bottles with built-in dropper for easy dispensing, labeled In English, showing Ingredients, Expiry Date, Volume, Usage  Method.

Shelf Life :  5 Years .  Not tested on animals . For external use only.
Organic essential oils blend can be used for alternative health as substitute of Massage oil.

50ml size individual box packs put in 1 carton = 48 nos. Gross Wt. 6kg. (approx.)
Outer Carton Dim. (l x b x h) = 12” x 6.5” x 11”
1 x 20ft container = 93,600 nos. bottles (=1,950 boxes) = 11,700 kgs. approx.

Natural  Products Lead Time   :

Up to 15,000 nos. bottles delivery in 1 month.   Air shipment or By Sea shipment mode -  Partial must be permitted.


Disclaimer : The information provided is not intended as medical advice please. Should any person have serious health concerns, always should check with one’s health care practitioner before using any natural product.
These statements and products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


Natural Products & Herbal Products                                                       AGI Brand Range and Features :-




 Holistic Health 

 Herbal  Supplement      -


      Weight Management - Joint Health Gel  For  Generative Physical Fitness & Healthy Weight

  Organic Herbal essential oil blend traditionally used to Support Bones

and in Knee Agony, Shoulder Grief, Plumpness, etc.

Physical fitness product Beneficial  for Knee Joints of  Fat people, athletic and seated people.

      Sport Nutrition - Spine Health Gel For  Twistable Flexibility Stretch & Muscle Fitness

Natural Herbal  essential oil blend traditionally used to Uphold Backbone

and in Back Hurt, Acute Cervical, Inflexible Neck, etc.

Muscle fitness product Beneficial For Back Bone of Teen people, muscular and desk-bound people.


     Beauty  Health - Dry Skin Gel  For Soft Natural Beauty & Healthy Skin 

Organic Herbal  essential oil blend traditionally used to Guard Skin

and in Delicate Skin, Hurting Heel Skin, Winter Roughness, etc.

Natural beauty product Beneficial For Skin Rash of Man, Woman, sporty and hill-side people. 


       Beauty Fitness Spa      Aromatherapy         -



       Aromatherapy Sleep - Mind Power Gel For Relaxing Sleep Aid & Health Wellness 


Aromatherapy Herbal  essential oil  blend traditionally used to Rest Brain

and in Head Pang, Wakefulness, Abnormal Mind, etc.

Sleep aid product Beneficial For  Mind Body  of  Old people, brainy and stressed people.


        Scalp Nutrition  - Hair Growth Gel  For Strong Hair Growth & Herbal Vitamin 


  Natural Organic  essential oil blend traditionally used to Keep Up Hair

and in Hair Fall, Prickly Scalp, Scales Formation, etc.

Hair growth product Beneficial  For Hair Style of Celebrity hair, pleasing and studious people.

         Organic Skin Care - Sun Tan Gel  For  Antiaging  Clear Complexion & Personal Care

Botanical Herbal  essential oil blend traditionally used to Nourish Skin

and in Blackheads, Skin Marks, Sun Tan, etc.

Anti aging skin care product Beneficial For Skin Wrinkle  of Men, Women, tanned skin and young natural feel.

        Woman Health - Clear Skin Gel  For True Personal Care & Holistic Beauty

Organic Herbal  essential oil  blend traditionally used to Maintain Looks

and in Prickly Sensation, Inaccurate Skin, Noticeable Marks, etc.

Holistic beauty product Beneficial For Healthy Skin of Beautiful woman, pretty and sensible women.

        Natural Health - Personal Hygiene Gel  For Clean Natural Hygiene & Healthy Living 

Botanical Herbal  essential oil blend traditionally used to Nurture Skin

and in Foul Body Smell, Skin Marks, Skin Abuse, etc.

Healthy living product Beneficial For Natural Hygiene of Man Woman, dashing man and risk-taking people.


    Natural Health Massage Product                -


        Holistic Health -  Breathe Easy Gel  For  Effortless Natural Therapy & Life Nutrition 

Traditional Herbal  essential oil  blend traditionally used to Revitalize Chest

and in Breathlessness, Panting, Exhaustion, etc.

Natural therapy product Beneficial For Immune Response of Man Woman, hyper sensitive people.

        Alternative Health - Massage BodyWork Gel  For Actual Physical Therapy 

Folk Herbal  essential oil blend traditionally used to Help Body Responses

and in Lost Muscular Power, Numbness, Shock, etc.

Physical therapy product Beneficial For Shaky Movement  of Worried people, muscular strength & rehabilitation.

        Active Immunity - Nasal Decongestant Gel  For Decongestive Immune Support

          Natural Herbal essential oil blend traditionally used to Defend Lungs

and in Flowing Nose, Out of Breath, Chills, etc.

 Occupational therapy product Beneficial For Healthy Lung  of Men, Women, people sensitive to chills and smoky fog.  

        Health  Spa - Bath Body Gel  For Refreshing Relax Stress & Massage Therapy

 Natural Herbal  essential oil  blend traditionally used to Encourage Body Pleasure

and in Rejection, Frustration, Scratching Desire, etc.

Massage therapy product Beneficial For Health Fitness of Man Woman, pleasing woman, body perfect and workaholics people.


    Fitness Nutrition     

 Herbal Alternative             -


        Man Health - Hair Genesis Gel  For Original Hair Restoration & Natural Hair

 Ayurvedic Herbal essential oil blend traditionally used to Grow Hair 

and in Hair Loss, Diminishing Hair, Dull Hair, etc.

Hair restoration product Beneficial For Natural Hair of Men Women, celebrities and touring people.


       Natural Beauty    

Organic Essential Oil    -


        Natural Beauty - Skin Tone Gel For Flawless Beauty Therapy & Skin Care

Natural Herbal  essential oil blend traditionally used to Protect Skin

and in Skin Spot, Skin Discoloration, Pimples, etc.

Sensitive skin care product Beneficial For Itchy Skin of Man Woman, black skin care and mishap-prone people.


Tested and Safe Herbal Formulations on Sale !!


Bone Joint Herbal Weight Loss | Spine Health Sport Nutrition | Skin Wrinkle Beauty Care

Hair Vitamin Holistic Health | Brain Memory Aromatherapy Oil | Anti Aging Organic Skin Care

| Personal Hygiene Herbal Remedy | Natural Beauty Home Remedy Alternative

Hair Loss Remedy Ayurvedic
| Serious Skin Care Gel

Breathe Easy Natural Remedy | Massage BodyWork Physical Therapy

Herbal Remedy For Cold Nasal | Beauty Fitness Spa Massage Oil


Sports Fitness Herbal Remedy Product | Personal Care Product Natural Remedy
Natural Health Alternative Aromatherapy Massage Oil |
Natural Hair Care Botanical Product
Organic Skin Care Product Manufacturer

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